Don’t bother with Chris and his agency if you are not interested in getting results. He is at the leading edge when it comes to Facebook strategies and has developed some that 1000’s of marketers use on a daily basis. Definitely, one of the top dogs in the industry and highly recommended!

In over 35 years as a big agency principal and consultant to many of the largest ecom brands in the country, I have never met a marketing expert like Chris Colvard. His ability to penetrate the layers of traditional marketing, and get to the heart of generating revenue is absolutely uncanny.

Chris is the guy I turn too when I need advice for my own business. He commands a superior knowledge and understanding of the advertising climate.

Due do the nature of digital advertising, it is always changing. Chris stays on top of the latest trends and has given me tips and pointers on numerous campaigns. I’m incredibly grateful to have Chris as a friend and colleague.

When you think of Facebook Ads, you can only go to one man. Chris has had more experience than most of us in the industry by constantly split testing and running trials to ensure his methods are still leading edge. He has pioneered strategies that thousands of marketers use to this day. Simply the best.